Buried in a Good Book – Tamara Berry

Buried in a Good Book cover

"'There are at least three dead bodies in there.'" Tess Harrow is a successful thriller writer. This means that her first glimpse of her grandfather's old cabin is met with thoughts about where the dead bodies might be hidden - her mind just works like that, much to the dismay of her teenage daughter, Gertrude. … Continue reading Buried in a Good Book – Tamara Berry

Mindful Sketching – Peggy Dean

Mindful Sketching book cover

"How to develop a drawing practice and embrace the art of imperfection." It's been a while since I reviewed an art book, but I'm forever looking for ways back into the hobby, the creative part of myself. I'm also a big fan of meditation and mindfulness, so the title of this book sounded perfect. It turned … Continue reading Mindful Sketching – Peggy Dean