Murder Off the Books – Tamara Berry

murder off the books cover

"Gertrude's corpse lay at an unnatural angle on the floor of the Paper Trail bookstore." Crime writer Tess Harrow is starting to realise that a hugely successful publishing career might be based off the back of some really unfortunate press around her involvement in two previous crimes in her small town. She's hoping the grand … Continue reading Murder Off the Books – Tamara Berry

Kill Your Darlings – LE Harper

Kill Your Darlings cover

"Oblivion is a funny thing." Our narrator here is the author of a YA book series, who uses her fantasy creation to escape from the real world. Debilitating depression has isolated her from her friends and family, so instead she has the fantasy 'darlings' in her work and her dreams. Until one day, the 'dream' … Continue reading Kill Your Darlings – LE Harper