Mad Max: Fury Road

The future: post-apocalyptic, harsh, full of vehicles and not much else. Max Rockatansky: loner. Furiosa: a woman willing to take on the establishment, however suicidal an idea that seems.

I wasn’t too bothered about seeing this, but then the reviews started hitting my fb feed: “amazing!” “5 stars!!” “WOW!!!”. I was intrigued.

Maybe I just wasn’t a big enough fan of the originals to have retained enough info to make this the wonder-film of the year. Yes, it looked pretty stunning. Yes, it was relentless action. But… I dunno. Meh? I think without the hype I might have enjoyed it more. I think I will end up watching it again – and maybe expecting less of Max (Tom Hardy) and enjoying the mad ride for its own sake!

Released: 15th May 2015
Running time: 120 minutes
Rated: 18

My rating: 6/10

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