Minions (2015)

By far the best bit of Despicable Me (2010), it was only a matter of time before those banana-obsessed little yellow blobs got their own movie. An origin story, no less, revealing that the Minions have been about longer than you might have thought!

I was concerned that I’d seen most of the movie via a couple of trailers, but actually those only show a chunk of the opening scenes, in which we follow the Minions from the sea to Napoleonic France, via the Jurassic and Ancient Egypt – causing chaos along the way, of course!

However, the bulk of the movie follows just three of the little fellows – Kevin, Stuart, and Bob – as they try to find a new ‘boss’ to save the whole tribe from a lethal depression of having no-one to serve. Is the deliciously evil Scarlet Overkill their saviour – and can she survive the helpful menace these not-so-professional henchpersons seem to spread wherever they go?!

This was never going to be an intellectual movie, but boy is it fun! I adore the Minions, with their “Banana!”-talk and all round sense of glee. This is a surprisingly well thought-out back story in many ways, possibly flagging a little towards the end, but going out on a high.

It was a great Friday night movie for just switching the brain off and having a good laugh. Plus, the 1960s setting makes for an absolute killer soundtrack!

Released: 26th June 2015
Running time: 91 minutes
Rated: PG

My rating: 7/10

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