Game of Thrones (season 5)

It’s pretty much impossible to review Game of Thrones without spoilers, particularly if you need to avoid spoilers for previous series, too. But I’m going to give it a go:

Eeek! Death, kill, maim, nasty, WHAT?!, oh, aah!

Yeah… 😉

To be honest, much as I love the series, it’s starting to feel a little too fragmented to me: too many characters (which may be why GRRM keeps killing them all off!), so many plot threads, etc. I also wasn’t finding myself consistently keen to go watch the new episode, as it’s all very dark and occasionally depressing.

Still: very well made, looks gorgeous, and cast (or the remainder of it 😉 ) are all doing fabulously. We’re diverging more from the novels, and think we may have run out of those for now, so it becomes a whole different beast of finding out new stuff instead of spotting the differences and/or knowing more than is seen.

My rating: still a solid 7/10, despite some diminishing returns, perhaps

What do you think?

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