Mr Mercedes – Stephen King

Augie Odenkirk had a 1997 Datsun that still ran in spite of high mileage, but gas was expensive, especially for a man with no job, and City Center was on the far side of town, so he decided to take the last bus of the night.

Hmm, not the most gripping of opening lines! It does get better, thankfully, but if you’re looking for one of Stephen King’s famous keep-you-up-at night horror tomes, this isn’t that. Instead, it’s a vaguely pedestrian, by-numbers, crime ‘thriller’, where nothing jumped out and surprised me.

That said, it’s a very readable tale of a retired cop and a serial killer. We follow both men’s stories, so no ‘whodunnit’ element. All in all, it’s probably more about the characters than the (solidly functional) plot. And, hate to say, but perhaps a 60-something overweight retiree isn’t going to resonate with me quite so much?

I did like the meta-mentions of Pennywise the Clown and Christine, as fiction within the fiction.

Hardback: 416 pages
First published: June 2014
Finished reading: 4th July 2015

My rating: 6/10 – perfectly readable, but nothing extraordinary

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