Magic Mike XXL (2015)

I didn’t particularly like Magic Mike (2012), largely because I expected it to be a comedy, and it wasn’t. Somehow I got it into my head (hello, trailer?!) that the sequel was the comedy the first one could/should have been. Urm, no, not really.

Things to like: the guys are all possessed of feelings, and real issues, not just stereotypical buff blokes; they are all buff blokes; the dancing (yes, just the dancing – see later!); no annoying ‘The Kid’ character.

Things I liked less: the long shots of the less ‘dancy’ stripping – I really do not appreciate the idea a stranger’s groin shoved in the face; no return of Dallas (Matthew McConaughey); how charmed this ‘journey’ was – people really are okay with a bunch of big blokes just walking into their house? Or invite them after one evening? And give them tons of stuff?? Hmm.

Overall it was a weird one. The character journeys, the ‘one last hoorah’, was all kind of well handled, and the moves were pretty impressive. But to be frank, much as I like a toned male torso, strippers just aren’t my cuppa.

Released: 3rd July 2015
Running time: 115 minutes
Rated: 15

My rating: 5/10 – a few touching ‘bromance’ moments, some good laughs, but not enough

What do you think?

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