Ant-Man (2015)

The Marvel Movie steamroller pushes on, and while I don’t expect Ant-Man to be considered one of the classics of the box set, it’s a whole lotta fun and nice to see the movie makers try for something a little different.

By different, I think I mean in tone. Ant-Man seems a little less polished and a lot more jokey. Much like the ‘hero’: Scott Lang (Paul Rudd, and really, who doesn’t love Paul Rudd) is a freshly released criminal (but a non-violent burglar of the over-privileged, so nothing we can’t forgive, right?) trying to go straight but ultimately frustrated by the lack of forgiveness from society.

He’s soon caught up in a scheme involving Dr Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), a scientist who once secretly created a ‘shrink’ formula and used it to become the eponymous hero. Pym is now retired from both SHIELD and his public persona as technologist, but is dismayed to see his once-protégé trying to replicate the formula, and unleash it to possible chaos. Can he and sometime-estranged daughter, Hope (Evangeline Lilly), convince Scott to be the not-so-huge hero they need?

Much as I enjoyed the movie, it’s easy to pick out the flaws. For one, it’s got a LOT to pack into two hours, including a lot of humour, a lot of training montage-ery, and as much action as it can squeeze in to what’s left. Oh, and a great deal of father-daughter and other relationship squidgy-feel-y-ness. All of which makes for a rather busy combo, pushing the main set up into a rather small and sadly unoriginal space.

That said, I did find it hugely interesting to see the Marvel Universe allowing for a large amount of mostly untold back story – that of Hank and Janet Pym, familiar to long-time readers but not to the average audience. We also get a few cameos, and a nice dose of humour from seeing Ant-Man tackle Antony Mackie’s Falcon – I’m looking forward to seeing the dynamic continue with the pair in Captain America: Civil War.

Overall, it’s always good to get more humour into the Marvel movies, and see them play against formula however slightly.

Keep your eyes peeled for TWO mid/post credit scenes!

Released: 17th July 2015
Running time: 117 minutes
Rated: 12A – odd, as it almost felt like ‘Marvel Kids’, but there was a fair amount of light swearing and violence.

My rating: 7/10 – slightly generously, but overall it was fun. And, Paul Rudd 🙂

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