The Annihilation Score – Charles Stross

“Please allow me to introduce myself…”

I love the Laundry Files – the mix of spies and occult and all with a massive dose of humour. So, I’m predisposed to give this one a high rating – and it didn’t disappoint!

Switching narrator for the first time in the series, we follow the lovely Dr Mo O’Brien and her continuing struggles with marriage, work, and the demonically possessed violin she’s dubbed ‘Lector’.

I did enjoy the change, but also missed Bob – Mo’s just a little more serious and grown-up. And there are a lot of elements here that will mean nothing to you if you haven’t been following the series – from Angleton to Mhari, the denizens of the deep, and the intertangling plots from them all and more.

The plot here revolves around superheroes – well, of course: we’ve had the Laundry version of vampires, James Bond, mermaids, unicorns… and of course, the Laundry take on the super-powered is just as… unique… as the others!

To give much else away about the story would be a crime, but let’s just say that my viewing of this year’s BBC at the Proms concerts had a whole new slant – violins will never sound quite the same again! 😉

Hardback: 401 pages
First published: 2015
Series: The Laundry Files, book 6
Read from 24th July – 1st August 2015

My rating: 7/10 – a welcome return visit, but not one to jump in at

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