Lost Lake – Sarah Addison Allen

The wet night air bounced against the electric street lamps, giving off tiny sparks like flint.

Sarah Addison Allen’s books have become my not-really-guilty, warm-snug-blanket-and-hot-cocoa comfort reading. To say that they are not my usual genre is an understatement: me = sci-fi and dragons; SAA = cosy sort-of-chick-lit with magic and fuzzy romance. And yet I’m in love! ūüôā Every time I pick up one of this author’s books, I mete it out in tiny doses of reading, lest I finish and – as has now happened – I run out of new novels by her. Argh!

Lost Lake is probably not my favourite of SAA’s books, possibly¬†because it follows more characters than usual, which dilutes something in the story telling. However, it’s still a lovely read – and that’s what I find so appealing about these books: they are ‘nice’ in the best possible sense. The drama comes mostly from internal conflict, and that you know things are going to work out by the end makes for a relaxing, cosy kind of read.

Okay, so probably fans of this kind of genre are shaking their heads at my naivety, but¬†given I usually cannot stand ‘chick lit’, I’m still singing the praises here. What’s different? Hmm. Lack of cynicism? Or that touch of magic – not in your face, but just such a given part of life for the characters that inhabit SAA’s books. And, probably, that the romance just sort of happens and isn’t the whole point – the characters are seeking happiness in life, not merely chasing coupledom.

Whatever the reason these books appeal to me so much, I’m hoping there’s another one out soon!

Paperback: 296 pages / 15 chapters
First published: 2014
Read from 17th-22nd September 2015

My rating: 7/10

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