The Martian (2015)

Okay, you’re not going to hear this often, so make the most of it: I enjoyed this movie more than the book! o_O

It’s odd going into a movie already knowing what’s going to happen, but two hours of that is better than a week or so of it, so I always try to read the book first. And reading the book, I could totally see the cinematic nature of it all, why Hollywood had jumped for the adaptation.

However, the book had its flaws – and while the movie follows the story with few deviations (although some omissions), I think the scriptwriters knew a little more about the flow of storytelling, losing some of the drama-of-the-chapter disasters in favour of really building up the most important ones.

Kudos to Matt Damon, too: this is not as much of a solo-character movie like, say Tom Hanks in Castaway, but Damon’s charm and likeability carry 90% of it. The more earth-bound (in either meaning!) cast are strong, too, albeit in smaller scenes.

This ended up surprising me as being my film of the year – maybe not *that* outstanding, but such a clever, subtly improved, adaptation that even knowing exactly what was coming I still really loved it.

Released: 30th September 2015
Viewied: 24th October 2015
Running time: 144 minutes
Rated: 12A (since when was the F-word allowed in a 12?! Tut!)

My rating: 8/10


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