Strange Library – Haruki Murakami

I’m a sucker for books about libraries and/or books, and this has the added appeal of being styled to look like a library book, with old-fashioned check-out card and stamped borrowing dates. When I discovered this was so short I simply sat down and read the whole lot in one sitting!

Strange Library is an odd, fable-like tale about a polite young man who finds that there are strange things going on in his local library. To say any more would be giving away too much of the plot, so I’ll leave it there!

The fairy-tale nature of the tale carries through to the rather horrible underlying premise, making the tale rather creepy. The cast of characters reminded me of a Guillermo del Toro movie, I think. I liked it, and am tempted to search out some longer work by the author, but to be honest very little of the story has truly stuck with me.

Kindle: 88 pages, including illustrations
First published: 2005
Series: none
Read on 29th December 2015

My rating: 6/10

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