Skin Game – Jim Butcher

“There was a ticking time bomb inside my head and the one person I trusted to go in and get it out hadn’t shown up or spoken to me for more than a year.”

As I started reading this book, back in March, I realised that I couldn’t remember quite how we’d left our hero, the wonderful, wise-cracking, only-wizard-in-the-phone-book, Harry Dresden. I knew some important things had been happening for him, so I wasn’t really prepared to try and figure it out as I started this latest volume. No, despite a shelf full of unread books, the Dresden Files are so good – so fun! – that I went back and started the previous installment (Cold Days) all over again!

I should point out that my lack of memory of the plot says nothing detrimental about the writing or story. No, my issue is this: I adore the Dresden Files so much that I gallop through them, slurping them up, and often finishing far past my bedtime – simply unable to put down the last, ooh 100 pages?!, without knowing what happens. Add in my iffy memory anyway, and it’s no wonder I sometimes forget – but hey: the rereads are fab, too! 🙂

We’re now on to book 15, and I’m still loving these. Harry (the other wizard by that name isn’t a patch on Dresden! 😉 ) has grown and developed over those books, but as his powers increase, Butcher is careful to throw in more limiting factors. At no point do you feel Harry can simply solve all the problems with a wave of his hand – you might not realise how important that is to a story, particularly one containing magic, but boy is it!

And what a story! Without giving too much away for those who haven’t gotten up to date, let me just say that Harry is going to hell…! 😉

If you haven’t read the previous books, absolutely go back and start at the beginning (I totally want to do that now. But – unread books!). There are possibly a few you could skip in terms of over-arching story arc – but why would you do that?! – but definitely not the past several volumes which are part of this continuing tale, and will benefit greatly from familiarity with events from even a few further back than I reread this time.

And – joy! – while Skin Game is very much a full story, there is quite clearly more to be told 🙂

Kindle: 455 pages / 51 chapters
First published: 2014
Series: The Dresden Files, book 15
Read from 5th-14th December 2015

My rating: 8/10

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