Point Break (2015)

Back in the early nineties, I was a young teenager slightly obsessed with a movie called Point Break. Surfers robbing banks to fuel their ‘endless summer’, the ‘young, dumb, and full of…’ urm… FBI agent who infiltrates the gang – something in that grabbed my attention, and I watched it a LOT.

Fast forward more years than I care to count (really?! THAT long ago?!) and it still seems weird that we’re remaking this now. But, here we are: the 2015 (released in 2016 in the UK) version, now with Bigger Stunts!, Added Danger!, a Global Cast!, and a lead actor who makes Keanu Reeves look like the best actor ever! Seriously, stop giving Luke Bracey acting roles: he can’t. The expressions that roost on his face as he tries to emote are just… urgh.

I’d also like to raise objections to the only female role in the movie being downgraded from a pretty kick-ass Lori Petty to some spaced out hippy earth mother with little purpose other than to not wear adequate support garments. Seriously: we’re supposed to be less sexist now!

The other changes are theoretically supposed to widen/update the appeal. For instance, making the ‘surfers’ into a more diverse(ly accented), globe-trotting bunch. Hmm. In fairness, making them all extreme sports adrenaline junkies really ups the scope for thrills and danger, and what this movie does have going for it is some huge action scenes involving some amazing locations and scenery.

Alas, the attempt to add another layer to the story could have worked: the baddies aren’t just funding their fun, they’re eco-warriors on a spiritual quest (bra. Sorry, flashbacks). Until the script writers got a little confused about whether they were giving back to the poor or to ‘mother earth’, who I’m not sure would find explosives all that ‘giving’, thank you very much. Hmm.

I cannot recommend this movie, really. And yet I was in such a foul mood going in that the grand spectacle and daftness actually ended up being a lot of fun. Hey: sometimes watching people fall from a great height sort of puts your own sh*tty day into perspective, right?! 😉

Released: 5th February 2016
Viewed: 5th February 2016
Running time: 114 minutes
Rated: 12A

My rating: 5/10 and I’m possibly being generous!

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