Deadpool (2016)

I can’t remember anticipating a film more than this one. The amazing advertising campaign was part of that – Deadpool mouthing off irreverently about everything from Australia to testicular cancer. And let’s face it, what movie can live up to hype like that?

Well… this one 😉 (Yeah, okay – I kind of stole that idea. In the spirit of the movie – bite me!)

With so many superhero movies over the past few years, and so many more due this year (I think we have ~1/month between DC and Marvel o_O ), not to mention a plethora of TV shows, there has been chat of ‘superhero fatigue’ – if you don’t already have it, you will soon. Making this exactly the right moment for a movie that takes a sly side-swipe at all of that, with a ‘hero’ who’s super, alright – super mouthy and more than a little insane!

From the opening credits (“Directed by… a real asshat!”) to the post-credit sting, Deadpool is just perfectly pitched. We start more or less where the leaked test footage started our story, but with flashbacks to the much darker backstory of the character, from a surprisingly touching love story (those Nicholas Sparks-esque posters may have been (purposefully) misleading, but it was a more realistic and moving romance than any NS one) to some pretty horrific torture. But then we get back to the merc with a mouth and it’s mad, bad and super fun, self-aware, off-the-wall, cramming in laughs but never EVER descending to spoof.

Oh, let’s just go with I LOVED IT!!! ::runs around squeeeing like the fangirl she is::

Okay. Calm. It’s not perfect. By all accounts this movie has taken a decade to make it to the big screen, and there is just a tiny element of that showing, in that they’ve had good ideas upon good ideas and sometimes they’ve been squeezed in a little whether they fit perfectly with the tone or not. The budget was tiny, which might have some pluses (and a joke). Not all of the supporting cast are as strong as I would have liked, and the side characters can be a little underused. And Ryan Reynolds is made up to look horrific, which is a crying shame 😉

Seriously, though, I am so super-psyched that FINALLY Ryan Reynolds has found the role he was meant to play; and that they didn’t totally f*ck up this movie – as I said, given all the hype, and the expectations, and the genre-bending, this movie could have crashed. As it is, it absolutely soared for me.

Bring on the DVD extras! 🙂

Released: 10th February 2016
Viewed: 12th February 2016
Running time: 108 minutes
Rated: 15 – lots of violence, masses of swearing, and some full frontal nudity

My rating: 8/10 – I’m not letting myself squeee out of objectivity into 9 or 10, however much I want to! 😉

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