Naked Heat – Richard Castle

“Nikki Heat pondered red lights and why they seemed to last so much longer when there was no traffic.”

Take a TV series about a writer shadowing the cops for research on a book about a journalist shadowing the cops for research… what could make this more meta than actually publishing the book being researched in the TV show?! So while Richard Castle is not a real writer (the book even uses actor Nathan Fillion’s picture), the Nikki Heat series is real, and doing rather well!

I really love the TV series, Castle, and picked up the first book on a whim. It didn’t thrill me as desperately well-written, to be honest, although entertaining enough to get me to continue. The second book improves quite a bit, if still a tad cheesy at points. However, the main draw remains imagining Rick Castle imaging himself as Jameson Rook and rewriting his early encounters with Kate Beckett aka Nikki Heat. It works better than it sounds, honestly!

I’d still not peg this as great literature in any way, but it’s unpretentious fun with the added bonus of the tie-in factor (the acknowledgements at the end are fun, for that, as are the easter eggs such as Detectives named Malcolm and Reynolds – hello, Firefly reference!). I was in the mood for something untaxing and lighthearted (it’s a murder mystery; go figure my brain!) and ended up rather enjoying this – sometimes that is all you can ask! 🙂

Kindle: 306 pages / 20 chapters
First published: 2010
Series: Nikki Heat book 2
Read from 2nd-8th March 2016

My rating: 6/10

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