Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

“I hate First Friday.”

Sometimes when I’m struggling to ‘get into’ a book, it helps to pick something of an entirely different genre – usually something fluffy and/or undemanding. That’s what I went looking for with Red Queen, and it fit the bill marvellously. Well, not so much on the ‘fluffy’…

Mare Barrow is a Red (and yes, instantly I’m having flashbacks to Red Rising, but stick with it!), one of the downtrodden, poor folk who slave away for their Silver (ah, not Gold – we’re fine, right?!) masters. But then, how else could it be when the Silvers have god-like superpowers? Super strength (strongarms), fire controlling (burners), power over nature (greenwardens) – these and so many more, each Silver blessed with one ability.

After various things go wrong for Mare in her own life, she finds herself deep in the Silver city. First as a servant, it’s only when something goes horribly wrong that Mare discovers… well, I’ll leave that to the reader. And let’s just say, with great power comes great burden, too!

I’ve mentioned one similar-ish book in Red Rising (which is far superior, tbh) and really, there are a lot of ‘borrowed’ ideas in Red Queen, but from a diverse enough range of sources that it does carve out its own little space in a packed genre. The tropes – poor girl has hidden powers, rags to riches, warring noble houses, rebel uprisings, etc etc – come thick and fast and on another day that might have bothered me more, but as it was I was looking for a quick and easy read and that’s exactly what I got.

Kindle: 401 pages / 29 chapters
First published: 2015
Series: Red Queen book 1
Read from 15th-18th April 2016

My rating: 6/10


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