Now You See Me 2 (2016)

What does a group of magicians do after pulling of some of the most successful illusions of all time, fooling the FBI, the nay-sayers, and serving up justice to the crooks? A year has passed, and the Four Horsemen are still in hiding, growing increasingly restless. So when the chance to out another huge conman with their tricky skills, they jump at the chance – only this time, the illusion is being pulled on them. Press ganged into pulling of a heist for a shadowy tech genius, which side is ultimately going to pull the bunny out of the hat?

The original Now You See Me (2013) was something of a surprise pleasure for me – I really enjoyed it, and even knowing the twists and turns, I still like watching it again. There’s something… offbeat, perhaps? Something a little quirky and different, and just fun.

And so, despite mediocre reviews, I was looking forward to seeing the second (of three) installment. Unfortunately, those mediocre reviews are pretty spot on. Away from the freshness of the original, there’s just a sense here of trying just that bit too hard, and it falls short of the sense of fun.

I was also deeply unsure about some of the new characters. Most obvious is the switch-out of Henley (actress Isla Fisher being a little too pregnant, although she’s due back for Act 3) for newbie Lula (Lizzy Caplan) who again is just trying that bit too hard, although she’s largely likeable. Adding a twin brother for one character, though – urm, no thank you. Really did not get or like that one! And while there is a smile to be had from Harry Potter himself (Daniel Radcliffe) playing in a movie about the ‘other’ kind of magic, he’s only so-so in the role, imo.

It’s not all bad, though, and it is a pleasure to see the 4H staging some impressive feats of prestidigitation and misdirection. I did think the card flicking scene was about twice as long as it needed to be, or just not showy enough for the ‘main’ scene, and while we’re shown the ‘how’ of most tricks, there is one that just seems impossible without movie magic – slightly annoying! 😉

Alas, the ending is a bit… hmm. Still, I will be buying my ticket for Act 3 when (if?) it appears, like magic!

Released: 4th July 2016
Viewed: 22nd July 2016
Running time: 129 minutes
Rated: 12A

My rating: 6/10

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