Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Space, the final frontier. Lots and lots – and lots! – of emptiness, in every direction. No end point, no final goal. Just a five-year mission to keep going… out. No wonder Captain James T. Kirk is feeling a little blue, and the crew of the Enterprise is in dire need of the change of scenery from a break at the Yorktown Station – an amazing feat of engineering and CGI.

But when an escape pod arrives bearing an alien captain pleading for help to rescue her crew from a nearby nebula, what other ship is as well-designed for the mission than the Enterprise? But of course, is anything ever what it seems?

I’d say that I enjoyed Star Trek Beyond almost despite itself, or at least its story line which seemed to me more of an extended episode than a big movie plot. But, as a fan of the rebooted series, it was just so nice to slip back into life on the Enterprise, with all of the well-known and loved characters. There’s a lot of charm in the inter-character relationships, particularly Bones and Spock, and plenty of eye-candy in the sets and scenery. Beyond that… well, don’t look for too much and you’ll be fine! 😉

Despite the action-packed nature of the movie, there’s a large sense of wistfulness. The sad passing of Leonard Nimoy is given a touching plot-point, while the tragic and untimely demise of Anton Yelchin casts a whole different light on things. And yet, still, the overall theme of the story is one of comradeship and hope and adventure, and it all makes for quite an unexpectedly nice mix.

Recommended popcorn fare.

Released: 22nd July 2016
Viewed: 29th July 2016
Running time: 122 minutes
Rated: 12A

My rating: 7.5/10

What do you think?

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