Finding Dory (2016)

A year after Nemo has been found we catch up with the little clown fish living with his dad, Marlin, and new neighbour, Dory. Dory of the “short term remembery loss”, unable to recall what she was talking about a minute ago, let alone anything else. That is until a series of comments do stir a deep memory, and spark a new quest: Dory is off to find her long-lost family!

Via flashbacks to the unbearably cute younger Dory, we relive her uncovered memories of her parents and the trauma of getting lost as the trio set out once again across the ocean. Along the way there are new friends – and old! – to meet, and a few dangers to overcome.

I thought Finding Dory was cute, but very very light on substance. I did laugh a fair few times – the wall-eyed bird and amazingly grumpy octopus are standouts for humour – but to be perfectly honest I can’t see me ever wanting to sit through this movie again. Cute has its place, but repeat viewings need something a little more to get your teeth into.

Lots of ‘what family really means’ message here, but nothing desperately new and almost zero on the excitement scale. And please, save me from whale-talk o_O

Released: 29th July 2016
Viewed: 6th August 2016
Running time: 97 minutes
Rated: U

My rating: 6/10 – cute, looks lovely, but I’m never going to want to watch it again.

What do you think?

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