Logan (2017)

By 2029 there are almost no mutants left. None have been born in the past 25 years, and those that were left… well, bad things happened. Even the legendary Wolverine, whose healing powers may or may not have once had him considered all but immortal, is sickening. Dying.

Perhaps the one thing keeping him going is caring for the frail Professor Charles Xavier, hidden away in the desert and force-drugged to try to suppress the effects of dementia on the most powerfully psychic brain on the planet. Like I said, bad things happened.

And then something shocking: a young mutant, a child. She’s in terrible danger – but can Logan be persuaded to help… and will that be enough?

I’ve seen and enjoyed all the X-Men movies over the years, but this is a beast of an entirely different colour. The moody tone of the trailers was spot on in preparing viewers for a dark, often emotional, final part of the Wolverine trilogy (although there is no requirement to have seen either X-Men Origins: Wolverine or The Wolverine, or indeed, any of the other X-Men movies, really, as long as you have a vague notion about the character) – and I’m going to say that this is the movie the character has deserved all along.

What’s different? That emotional content. The serious tone and added ‘reality’ of the struggles of aging, even as a ‘superhero’. It’s admittedly a less ‘fun’ movie than its predecessors, but wow it hits in the feels (as the young people say ;)).

There’s still a lot of action, of course, and the use of a 15 certificate ups the blood and gore factor significantly – again, that (and the profuse swearing) probably add to the realism of the piece: there’s nothing coy about those famous claws going through a man’s skull, splattering brain about the place.

The story is also surprisingly satisfying, I felt. There are thematic similarities to previous installments, perhaps.

Overall, this swaps cheerful for powerful, but man what a way to end an era of X-Men movies!

Released: 1st March 2017
Viewed: 3rd March 2017
Running time: 137 minutes
Rated: 15

My rating: 8.5/10

7 thoughts on “Logan (2017)

  1. Would you recommend it to someone who hasn’t seen the previous Wolverine films?
    Would you recommend it to someone who’s a bit lukewarm about superhero films?

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    1. I think you’d like this one more than any of the previous Marvel/DC/X-Men movies, yes. It’s definitely got more substance than other superhero/comic book films – although I wouldn’t like to say that’s necessarily enough for you to get over the genre! And no, no need to have seen the other two – in fact, this is so different, it’s probably a bonus! (* additional note to that effect added – thanks!)

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