The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency – Alexander McCall Smith

“Mma Ramotswe had a detective agency in Africa, at the foot of Kgale Hill.”

This is one of those books that I sort of meant to read somewhere along the way, and never quite got around to – huge thanks to NetGalley, therefore, for the eARC and chance to rectify that!

My awareness of this series actually comes from the TV adaptation done back in 2009 (who let that be so long ago?! o_O) which I enjoyed: it was ‘nice’ and sweet and a lovely glimpse of a culture vastly different to my own.

The source book isn’t so very different, and a vague remembering of the plot lines only added to the sense of coziness. There is something lovely about snuggling under the duvet on a cold Scottish evening (and, of course, the author is based locally, but has lived in Botswana) reading about the vastness of the Kalahari.

I’m wary of the idea of taking this as too true to life – I’m sure the realities are a little less sugar-coated, despite the mentions of scorpions, snakes, and witch doctors. But, in a world such as the one we find ourselves in right now, I’ll take cosy and comforting – especially one that lets me ‘travel’ as far as this.

Looking forward to picking up the sequels – and there are many! – with far less delay!

NetGalley eARC: ~235 pages / 22 chapters
First published: 1998
Series: No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency book 1 (of 17, currently)
Read from 2nd-8th March 2017

My rating: 7/10


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