BladeRunner 4: Eye and Talon – KW Jeter

Given how much I enjoyed The Edge of Human and Replicant Night, slogging through the fourth in this series was a bit of masochism dressed up as completionism. I wasn’t far into it when I asked the question, why do I do this to myself, and then I realised: Jeter and I share a love of Blade Runner, the movie. I almost started to enjoy Eye and Talon, as a love letter to a fantastic film. But then I kept reading.

That said, this final volume is better than book 3. Probably. It has a slightly more imaginative story, not entirely rehashing what’s gone before. We get a new character, a new take on the human/replicant question. To begin with, Iris’s story looks like it might be a great new chapter in the Blade Runner universe, but sadly the last half of the book descends into a bit of a mess.

The real interest in the book is how the new movie might have drawn on the three books, and how the storylines diverge from the original movie compared to the Director’s Cut. Still, it’s not enough to make a ‘good’ read, however intriguing the premise. Hmm. If I was ever going to try fan-fic, maybe an improvement on these would be a way to go?

Paperback: 236 pages
First published: 2000
Series: BladeRunner book 4
Read from 11th February – 2nd April 2017

My rating: 3/10

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