Trouble on the Books – Essie Lang

“The third time Shelby Cox hit her head on the low-hanging gargoyle that morning, she was sure the entire castle could hear her yell.”

This is a perfectly charmingly written cosy mystery, but to be honest it just didn’t really grab my attention at any point. The pace is a bit slow, the character didn’t gel with me, and the mystery just sort of unravels at the last moment.

Shelby Cox has returned to the town of her birth to help her aunt run a bookstore. It’s located in a castle, on an island, in upstate New York – how romantic, right? (actually, I liked the idea, but it doesn’t wholly go anywhere). But when a meddling Heritage Council member is found dead on the island, Shelby’s questions might land her in hot water…

There’s a side-plot, too, which I imagine will span the rest of the series, of Shelby trying to uncover information about her mother. She left Alexandria Bay aged 3 to be raised by her single father, but no one seems willing to tell her much. I was intrigued, but probably not enough to press on with the series.

NetGalley eARC: 336 pages / 38 chapters
First published: March 13 2019
Series: Castle Bookshop Mystery book 1
Read from 3rd-10th February 2019

My rating: 5/10 – not bad, just didn’t grab me

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