Wed, Read and Dead – VM Burns

“‘If you don’t get your fanny out of that dressing room in the next thirty seconds, I’ll come in and drag you out.'”

Sam Washington runs a mystery bookstore with help from her grandmother, Nana Jo, her twin nephews, and Dawson, the student she took in several books ago (the series starts with The Plot is Murder). In the latest volume she’s also preparing to be a bridesmaid at her mother’s wedding – at least, that is, until a body shows up!

True to the series, one of their friends/family is top of the list of suspicions – and Sam and the ‘Silver Sleuths’ must solve the crime quickly enough to keep that person out of jail and the wedding from being ruined.

I largely enjoyed this book. It doesn’t vary vastly from the previous three, with regular breaks to read bits of Sam’s own ‘period English’ mystery. These provide a bit of a break, a comparison that makes the rest of the book look better (sorry, Sam!), but most importantly a way for Sam’s subconscious to start solving the real-life mystery.

However, as the ‘who why and how dunnit’ elements start to be revealed, it all felt very familiar. I don’t pay enough attention to my cosy reads to pinpoint it exactly, but I could’ve sworn the same plot had been used elsewhere.

Still, I think what I like most about it all is how nice the group is, supportive of each other, making this a lovely as well as non-taxing kind of a read. There are times for that!

NetGalley eARC: 272 pages / 16 chapters
First published: 2019
Series: Mystery Bookshop book x4
Read from 16th-23rd April 2019

My rating: 5/10 – not bad, but I felt like I’d read the mystery before which was odd

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