Safely Endangered Comics – Chris McCoy

I’ve been seeing Chris McCoy’s work around various social media outlets, and I knew it tickled my sometimes warped, usually geeky kind of humour.

comic panels 'stay at home superheroes' e.g. ironing man

I couldn’t detect any particular order to the comics here, just a random collection of mainly single-page, 2-4 panel jokes. Most of them made me smile, one or two made no sense to me, and rather a lot seemed very relevant to my life.

comic strip of priority tasks left to end

The style is simple, but effective. The use of colour makes everything that little bit more fun. One word of warning: this contains pretty mature content, both thematically and swearing. And a lot of geekness 😉

NetGalley eARC: 144 pages
First published: 2019
Series: none
Read from 26th-28th April 2019

My rating: 8/10

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