Bound for Murder – Victoria Gilbert

“There are two times in a woman’s life when complete strangers think it’s appropriate to offer unsolicited advice – when she’s obviously pregnant, and when they discover she’s planning a wedding.”

When bones are uncovered on her friend’s grandparents’ farm, Librarian Amy Webber is about to be caught up in another murder mystery. Perhaps the hippy commune they ran in the 1960s wasn’t all peace and love…

Amy’s life is going pretty well. We first met her back in A Murder for the Books, and this is the fourth book in the series. She’s pretty incapable of not poking her nose into a mystery, but then, this time ’round it’s to help best friend, Sunny, who’s campaign to be elected town mayor can only be damaged by the scandal surrounding her grandparents.

The mystery element is built well, with various suspects as well as the suspense of who’s bones have been discovered – and who is behind the attempts to scare Amy off the investigation.

Being a cosy mystery, this is as much about the characters’ lives, and so we have continuing wedding plans, relationship issues, and family dramas to contend with.

It’s not high art, but it’s a fun palette cleanser – easy to read, well written, albeit a bit on the fluffy side.

NetGalley eARC: 29 chapters
First published: 7th January 2020
Series: Blue Ridge Library Mysteries book 4
Read from 7th-16th December 2019

My rating: 7/10

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