The Last Emperox – John Scalzi

“The funny thing was, Ghreni Nohamapetan, the acting Duke of End, actually saw the surface-to-air missile that slammed into his aircar a second before it hit.”

Well, that was a rollercoaster ride – I *loved* it! 🙂

The first book of the Interdependency, The Collapsing Empire, was one of my best NetGalley ‘finds’. It surprised and delighted me, and I’ve been looking forward to continuing to the end of the trilogy while at the same time a bit sad that it’s over.

Usual warning – if you haven’t read the first two books, put this review down and go start at the beginning before talking about the third book gives earlier plot spoilers!

The full scale of the catastrophe of the collapsing flows is now a reality for Emperox Grayland II, but her attempts to save billions of lives is distracted by repeated assassination attempts. Can she best the scheming Nadashe Nohamapetan? Can science beat the end of this amazing civilisation spread across galaxies of space habitats?

Really, it was just a joy to be back in this universe and catching up with all the characters, but with the added bonus of bringing all those threads of story together. I loved the character arcs for Cardenia, and was delighted that Kiva – my favourite foulmouthed hedonist – got a bigger part again after being very slightly sidelined in book 2. And it’s fabulous to see morally corrupt characters that aren’t just pantomime baddies – but I’ll leave it to the reader to find out if any of them get their just comeuppance! 😉

Alongside the fun, though, I did think there was something quite timely about this book. Collapse of civilisation, you say? Characters willing to see billions die as long as they can still turn a profit? I mean… ouch o.O

This was just the perfect end to a brilliant series. There is SO much fun, but also a lot of heart – I dare you not to be ‘hit in the feels’ by at least one part. Very recommended – as long as you can cope with the swearing 😉

NetGalley eARC: 336 pages / 24 chapters
First published: 16th April 2020
Series: Interdependency book 3
Read from 26th March – 5th April 2020

My rating: 9/10 – being miserly with that last point, as feel like I could have spent another trilogy in this world, exploring!

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