Ava (2020)

The deadly female assassin is turning into a bit of a trope these days: do we really need another take on it? Hmm, not so much. I mean, yes give women as many chances as the blokes have had over the years, but I still want something more interesting than just ‘she’s a woman’.

Jessica Chastain plays Ava, an assassin working for some shadowy black ops organisation, travelling the globe like some kind of female Bond. Oh yes, even using sex as a weapon. Like 007, she has a bit of an alcohol problem; unlike 007 we’re treated to a full ‘this is bad’ whole issue-as-personality shortcut thing. Hmm again.

When a job goes wrong, Ava is told to take a vacation. The timing is actually pretty good, as she needs to head home to her estranged family and deal with issues – oh, so many issues – there. But something is not right, plots seem to be boiling behind Ava’s back. Can she trust her handler (John Malkovich), or his once-protege now boss (Colin Farrell)?

This isn’t a terrible movie, but it’s neither as original as it thinks nor slick enough, gripping enough, or fun enough to stand out from the action movie pack. To be honest, the trend of making the lead character more flawed, the story all the darker, just doesn’t really work for me. I want escapism in my action movies, not misery.

Still, Chastain kicks a$$ well enough, and her backing cast are fine. I’m not really sure about the character ‘development’ in the ending, though – it’s almost laughable. Except, this is not a movie you’ll be laughing at, or with.

By all means stick it on one rainy day, but keep those expectations pretty low, if you want my opinion. Watchable, but nothing special.

Released: 27th August 2020
Viewed: 28th August 2020
Running time: 96 minutes
Rated: 15

My rating: 5/10

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