Julie and the Phantoms (season 1)

Sometimes you’re in need of something a little lighter in your viewing – step forward this high school musical with added ghosts!

Julie is a gifted musician, but the death of her mother has left her too traumatised with the grief to return to the music they both loved. That is until she discovers a box of memorabilia in the garage that turns out to belong to the former residents – a band that met a sticky end (we get some non-traumatic flashbacks) before their chance and the big time.

And suddenly Julie’s life comes with a spectral backing group…

I’m probably three times or more the target age group for this show, and I did find the teenage leads a tiny bit grating at times, but as a light and easy watch it was pretty good. The entire series is about four and a half hours long, and there was a lot of room in my viewing for short, sub-half hour episodes of something I didn’t have to pay too much attention to.

That said, the story isn’t half-bad. The focus is split between Julie refinding her life and love of music while dealing with grief and her relationship with her family (I love her dad – nicely supportive!) and the band members’ new reality as ghosts. Tiny spoiler, but they’ve been in limbo for much longer than they realise, so there’s also a little bit of comedy from the ‘how things have changed in the world in 30 years’.

Fair warning, there’s a lot of singing in this show. It’s impressive that they tell the story they want in what’s left of the time, really, as every episode is padded with at least one big number. Thankfully the music is pretty good, and all the cast can sing really well.

It’s not for everyone, granted, but if you don’t mind a bit of teenage-y angst and maybe a little too much music, then this was the right balance of fun but not dumb.

First broadcast: September 2020
Series: 1 (so far?)
Episodes: 9 @ ~30 mins each

My rating: 7/10

What do you think?

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