Godmothered (2020)

I have a very low tolerance for cheesy Christmas movies, and yet there’s still room for something a bit festive. Would Godmothered be able to walk that tightrope?

The Motherland, home to all fairy godmothers and those in training, isn’t doing so well. There hasn’t been an active godmothering in decades. Young Eleanor (Jillian Bell) is determined to prove her ability, though, and finds a letter that had been overlooked. Off she goes, to grant some wishes!

Only… turns out (whole plot of the movie, not a spoiler!) that the letter has been gathering dust for quite some time, and the ten-year-old, Mackenzie, who wrote her heart’s wishes is now a grown up (Isla Fisher) with children of her own – and very little patience for a meddling goofball like Eleanor. But with Mackenzie’s kids on side, can Eleanor help a jaded adult remember what happily ever after looks like?

The basic idea of Godmothered isn’t so dissimilar to other fairy-tale-esque, fish out of water movies, such as Elf or Enchanted, with a fairy tale character finding themselves in the real world. Which doesn’t bode desperately well for my enjoyment, as I can’t stand Elf and barely remember Enchanted. Hmm. The issue is similar here: these saccharine sweet Disney-fied fairies, elves, and the ilk are prone to be incredibly grating.

Godmothered walks a very thin line on irritating me, staying just on the right side by making Eleanor the butt of many jokes. And I could totally side with Mackenzie, who – despite being offered wishes – finds the whole thing alarming and silly and just wants her life back, thank you very much.

There’s not much else to say about it, as it is a very fluffy kind of movie on purpose. There’s no ‘will Mackenzie rediscover…’ blah blah, I mean you know fine and well things will end up well. Kudos that it’s not straight into the arms of a ‘prince’ rescuing her, a tiny nod towards making the movie more of the times. Ish.

Ah, it wasn’t awful. I’m not the biggest fan, but it wasn’t offensive. Ymmv, of course. Personally I would have liked a less treacly, shallow view of Fairy Land and a slightly less dipsy lead, but at least the real world stuff wasn’t too saccharine. Damned with faint praise indeed! 😉

Released: 4th December 2020
Viewed: 17th December 2020
Running time: 110 minutes
Rated: PG

My rating: 6/10

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