One Day All This Will Be Yours – Adrian Tchaikovsky

“Another perfect day at the end of the world.”

The problem with inventing time travel, and more to the point with using it as a ‘final deterrent’ kind of warfare, is that the only sure way to make sure your enemy doesn’t change your history to make you more like them, is to alter their history first to make sure they’ll not argue with you in the future. And then you get home and can’t tell if the changes are from your actions, or if your counterpart got in before – after? – you and this is their… oh, safe to say it’s a mess. And as more and more operatives are sent back to alter more and more times, the inevitable is the complete destruction of time.

The sole survivor of the Time Wars has found an island of a moment, a bottleneck in time, and set up an idyll for himself. It’s a lonely kind of life, he supposes, but at least there’s Miffy – his pet Allosaurus. And actually, he wants for nothing, because he can nip back to any moment in time to collect items, or argue with Michaelangelo, or just to get thoroughly drunk.

And back in his one perfect moment, he has a job: to make sure that every other time traveller who finds their way to this funnelled moment in future history doesn’t get the opportunity to start any more Time Wars…

That’s an awful lot of description for a novella, I do apologise! But the concept is the main thing here, and there’s a lot crammed in to a relatively short narrative. And really, I’ve not given anything away!

I found this an absolutely blast to read. Tongue seems firmly in cheek, and our narrator is my kind of sarcastic comedian. With the power of visiting almost any moment in the past, his use of the ability was refreshingly chaotic and very in keeping with the character’s cynicism about everything that happened.

I think, however, that the ending could be a little divisive. I personally loved the denouement and yet felt things were left a little unfinished-feeling. Other than that, though – and it’s a minor complaint! – this was just perfectly told and such an intriguing idea. And such fun to read 🙂

NetGalley eARC: 192 pages / 12 chapters
First published: March 2nd 2021
Series: none
Read from 25th-29th January 2021

My rating: 8/10 – felt the ending let it down ever so slightly

What do you think?

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