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“‘Is this really a good idea?'”

I don’t often review short stories, but I did buy (and read!) it, and it fits into my current read through of the whole Murderbot series. Plus, while at this point you obviously love the series and are buying the new books/novellas anyway, you might still have a pause to decide about shelling out for a few, short pages. Is it worth it?

Well, I’m not sorry I bought it, but obviously your mileage (or dollar-age, I suppose!) may vary. It is a 10-15 minute read, tops, and while the story fills a nice little niche between books 4 and 5, it’s not essential.

It’s also told from Dr Mensah’s (did we know her first name was Ayda before? Cool) point of view, albeit in third person so it still fits with the series’ tone. She’s gone through some pretty rough things during book 4, Exit Strategy, and book 5 mentions that she’s struggling, psychologically, so this is another glimpse of that and how it affects her relationship with Murderbot.

And that’s probably the real reason to read it – it does add to the understanding of the relationship between the two: never simple, but easy enough to appreciate. I also think it starts to open out a lot of the world-building, this glimpse of the Corporate Rim set up highlighted against the nicer ethos of Preservation.

That said, I’m currently halfway through book 5, Network Effect, which also goes into a lot of these topics, and in a little more detail (so far). This is a nice little intro to that, though, so sure, I’m glad I bought it 🙂

Kindle: 13 pages
First published: 2020 (as a limited access for pre-orders of book 5, 2021 for the rest of us)
Series: The Murderbot Diaries book 4.5
Read on 21st April 2021

My rating: 8/10 – it’s nice, but it is very short

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