Sleep Tight – Alison Davies

Subtitled: Illustrated Bedtime Stories & Meditations to Soothe You to Sleep

I wanted to love this book, but alas I only sort of liked it. It wasn’t bad, just didn’t quite work for me. The idea is great: gorgeous illustrations for several scenarios, which then get a guided meditation-style story to put yourself in. Each story has a theme, an aim for how you could feel reading it. Then each scenario has some suggested, linked affirmations to use afterwards, and a ‘Boos your mindset’ follow-on activity (perhaps for use the next morning?).

I’m a big fan of meditation, and soothing guided meditations can be a great way to lull yourself to sleep, I find. However, it didn’t quite work as well in the written form, despite the fact that I do usually read just before bed. It was nice enough to put down the fiction title I’m reading, and do a chapter of this, and yet… hmm, not quite as helpful as I’d hoped.

I did love the pictures illustrating each, and the topics used were perfect – creativity, gratitude, inner peace, balance, etc, and the stories have just the most evocative names, very appropriate to the tone we’re going for: ‘Carousel of Dreams’, ‘Lake of Tranquillity’, ‘Journey to the Moon’. However I found the scenarios themselves a little hit and miss. For example, there’s one about climbing a mountain and achieving all your goals, and I must confess my instant reaction was “Oh, heck no!” Very not relaxing, talking about straining away with exercise! o_O And despite the very on-tone-for-guided meditation, there was something just a tad cheesy about a few of them.

Your mileage may vary, of course, but alas this didn’t quite hit the mark for me.

NetGalley eARC: 128 pages / 15 chapters
First published: 2021
Series: none
Read from 12th April – 10th May 2021

My rating: 6/10 – not bad, just not quite doing it for me

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