A Curious Incident – Vicki Delany

“‘I am not a consulting detective.’

It’s tough, in a mystery series, to come up with new reasons for the non-cop protagonist to get involved in a crime. This time, however, Gemma Doyle – no relation (probably) to Sherlock’s author – is asked, and indeed paid (a whole $10 ;)) to investigate. Of course, the case isn’t quite what she (or the reader) is used to: ten-year-old Lauren wants her to help find a missing kitten. But don’t worry, readers: it all turns to murder soon enough! 😉

West London, where Gemma co-owns and runs a Sherlock-themed bookshop, also has a Garden Club. Competition is fierce each year, but no one was expecting vandalism, catfights, or a corpse!

Much as I enjoy the cosy mystery genre as a bit of light reading, all too often the authors seem to forget the ‘mystery’ element, or at least push it to a background element. Not so here, and I think that’s why I like this series more than other book-themed cosies. Yes, there’s still a little romance, and pets, and scones, and all the other things readers tend to expect from the genre. But foremost is always getting to the bottom of the crime.

Gemma is very logical and practically minded. She’s also a little light on social skills, as much purposefully as sometimes just missing cues. Very my kind of MC! 🙂 The plot works well, too, keeping that logical flow and working up to the big reveal a lot more satisfyingly than I’m used to in the genre. Indeed, I was kept guessing right til the very satisfying conclusion.

Kindle: 296 pages / 23 chapters
First published: 2021
Series: Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery book 6
Read from 9th-11th January 2021

My rating: 8/10

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