The Kaiju Preservation Society – John Scalzi

“‘Jamie Gray!’ Rob Sanders popped his head out of his office door and waved at me, grinning. ‘Come on down. Let’s do this thing.’

Jamie is not having a good pandemic. His <insert rude words here> of a boss has fired him for having a good idea, and the only job he can get is food delivery. Luckily he bumps into an old friend who offers him a better role – a mysterious, very intriguing new role. Huge pay, excellent benefits – almost too good to be true. But, doing what? Large animal handling, he says. But, uh… how are are you with sci-fi?

And so Jamie finds himself working for the Kaiju Preservation Society which is all you might imagine, and so much more!

As soon as I saw that title I wanted to read this – it’s perfect! I wasn’t sure how spoof-y the story was going to end up, but it’s the perfect blend of humour and not taking itself too seriously, while at the same time letting the reader suspend disbelief and get into this story.

It’s a fairly short tale, a lot of it world building – well, there’s a lot to set up. There’s plenty of action throughout, though, and the strong characterisation and snappy dialogue keeps it fresh and interesting. The characters feel so real, maybe because I spent too much time in academia myself, but then Jamie is a great counterpoint and very down-to-earth main character helping us get into the wild’n’wonderful along with him.

I don’t want to say too much about the story, as it was a fun one to go into ‘blind’. But it wraps up satisfyingly, while at the same time feeling like there could be more stories set in this weird world – bring ’em on!

kaiju preservation society coverNetGalley eARC: 272 pages / 28 chapters
First published: 15th March 2022
Series: none 
Read from 27th February – 2nd March 2022

My rating: 8/10

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