It’s Wyrd & Wonder time!

I joined the Wyrd & Wonder clan either last year or the year before, but to my shame I never managed to participate much – for no good reason! Because W&W is all about celebrating all things fantasy and bookish, and those are very much ‘me’ 🙂

So this year I’m trying harder and have even created a new category for this blog – I’ve always shied away a little from lists and challenges and discussions that aren’t straight reviews, but it’s high time I gave the people what they want LOL!

Want to join the party? You’ll find the original post, all the (optional) prompts and challenges, and sign up details here.

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Today’s first prompt is Best Laid Plans – what I hope to read during this month celebrating the fantastic. I’m a little annoyed that my upcoming TBR (based on ARCs, mainly) isn’t fantasy-heavy. How dare it not align! 😉 Still:

The Girl and the Moon book coverI’ll be kicking off the month with an only slightly-overdue review of The Girl and the Moon, the last of Mark Lawrence’s Book of the Ice trilogy. A little bit of a cheat, as I read it in April, but it was high fantasy and really really good and I still need to review it. So 😛 😉 Sneak peek: absolutely loved the way it brought the trilogy to an end, *and* tied back to the most excellent Red Sister.

The Grief of Stones book coverI’m most looking forward to diving back into the world of The Goblin Emperor and The Witness for the Dead, with Katherine Addison’s sequel to the latter, The Grief of Stones. Loved the previous books a lot, so have really high hopes for this one – she writes such magical worlds. The pace is on the slower, gentler side, too, but never loses my interest. This new instalment is out next month, so I’m thrilled to have my hands on an ARC.

One Foot in the Fade book coverI’ll take a diversion into urban fantasy with Luke Arnold’s third instalment of the Fetch Phillips ArchivesOne Foot in the Fade. We first met Fetch, Man for Hire, in The Last Smile in Sunder City, where “The magic is gone, but the monsters remain”. It’s not exactly chirpy, but it’s definitely fascinating to read a world that had magic, but is now dealing with the aftermath of its sudden disappearance, all told via viewpoint of world-weary PI, Fetch.

Momenticon book coverAnd finally for plans, I want to read the new book from QC and public figure, Andrew Caldecott, who surprised and intrigued me with his first fantasy, RotherweirdMomenticon is published on May 12th, so another ARC, promising a new dark and offbeat slice of fantasy weird.

I won’t be attempting every prompt, but here’s to a month of many happy reads and plenty of chatting about it! 🙂

5 thoughts on “It’s Wyrd & Wonder time!

  1. Excited to have you join us! I read The Last Smile in Sunder City either last year or the one before, and while it was good I wasn’t enthralled enough to pick up the next instalment so I’ll definitely keep an eye out for your thoughts on book three!

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  2. I’m planning to read The Grief of Stones this month too! Here’s hoping we both enjoy it. 😀

    I really need to refresh my memory on the first two Fetch Phillips books so I can read more. It’s been a bit too long… maybe I can find a summary somewhere.

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