A Poisonous Page – Kitt Crowe

“Death is good for business.

Welcome back to Confection, Oregon, with this second instalment in the Sweet Fiction bookshop cosy mysteries. The town might be full of sweet names, but there’s also a killer on the loose!

I really enjoyed Digging Up Trouble, where we first met Lexi, manager of her parent’s bookshop, just as she was being accused of murder. Obviously she proved herself innocent, but this time one of her friends is on the hook when a dead body turns up in their garden…

This time the plot revolves around jealous lovers and real estate, as all of Confection’s dirty little secrets are dug up.

I thoroughly enjoyed this cosy mystery. Often I’m put off if they’re too ‘girlie’ and all about the romance, pets, and baking, rather than the mystery. This time we get a bit of it all, but somehow the mix was spot on. Heck, I even enjoyed Lexi’s will-they, won’t-they moments with the dishy detective, Chad ‘Ice’ Berg aka Mount Batchelor, ahem 😉

I also really liked all the female friendships, and yes, baking and cute pets. But mostly the mystery kept me guessing, right to the end and Lexi’s involvement was totally unforced and appropriately regarded by the other characters.

Definitely recommend this one for fans of cosy mysteries – it’s even better than the first instalment, too!

A Poisonous Page book coverNetGalley eARC: 241 pages / 31 chapters
First published: 12th July 2022
Series: Sweet Fiction Bookshop mystery book 2
Read from 16th-19th June 2022

My rating: 8/10

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