Baymax! (season 1)

In keeping with the ‘niceness’ theme from my last post, I’m really glad I tried this little animated series. You might remember Baymax from the movie, Big Hero 6 (2014):ย a big inflatable robot created to be a health care provider, with the greatest line of calling a cat “Hairy baby!” ๐Ÿ™‚ His inventor’s brother turns him into something more suited for the superhero-type action in the movie, but here we’re post-movie and into more normal life, and some quiet, gentle little scenarios.

Indeed, that is either the big draw or the huge negative to this show, depending on your point of view. It’s not got any of the action fans of the movie might be looking for, but personally I was so in the mood for the hugely lovely vignettes that we get.

Each episode is named after a character, and in each we see Baymax pop up – sometimes quite unwantedly! – to help that person out. For instance, we start out with grumpy old Kiko, and the humour of Baymax diagnosing that swimming would help with her arthritis, before deciding her reluctance means she needs help to overcome her fear of water – via exposure therapy! He’s not quite right, but in the end, of course, Kiko is very satisfied with her care ๐Ÿ™‚

The second episode is centred around a young girl getting her first period, and that is the most awkward segment, I think – not because of the topic, but it just felt a little clunky in approach. Every other ep is gold, though.

The episodes follow the same structure: a relatively minor problem causes the big friendly robot to pop up with a cheery, “I was alerted to the need for medical care when you said ‘Ow'”, or similar. He then guides the character through whatever they need, which is rarely as straight forward as just a plaster (band aid). And, of course, he gets into a little trouble along the way ๐Ÿ™‚

Each segment is so short, too: about 7 minutes. Feels a lot like the Pixar shorts before the movies, but also perfect for a tiny slice of sweetness that might otherwise tip into saccharine (and still might, for some audiences). Heads up, too, that all bar the last ends with a little post-credit nugget.

Overall the main point is that it’s just nice – no action, no huge peril (well… once… but no spoilers!), just real life and quiet problems, dealt with by the utterly adorable Baymax. Whether that appeals or not is entirely up to you. I loved it, it was just so lovely – although it did make me sniffle a few times, be warned ๐Ÿ˜‰

Baymax posterFirst broadcast: June 2022
Series: 1
Episodes: 6 @ ~8 mins each

My rating: 9/10

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