Prey (2022)

A young Comanche woman, Naru (Amber Midthunder), spends her days struggling to be accepted as just as good as the men. Given it’s the 1700s, seems like very little changes in the world o.O She’s fierce and talented, but she’s female. So of course none of the hunters want to listen to her when she says there’s something out in the woods – something big, and alien in more ways than one…

It really does feel like the world is trying so very hard to go back to the 1980s and who can blame them? This, at least, is a really good return to form for a franchise that’s been more miss than hit – but this is easily the best since the original Predator came out in 1987. I was too young to see the Arnie version at the time, but it’s one of his best and an 80s stalwart. So how do you recapture that decades (ouch) on?

First of all, the period setting works well. Yes, Arnie had ‘mad skillz’ and conquered the jungle, but here are a group of people well used to working with the land, and all of its dangers and bounties. The original had to manufacture dumping a soldier into the primitive setting and learn to adapt; here it just is that raw a lifestyle and it works really well.

There’s a lot of nonsense being spouted online moaning about having a female lead, but Amber Midthunder is excellent. I know her from the TV show Legionwhere she’s already completely proved her action chops. She’s entirely kick-ass here, and the element of having her already fighting to prove herself works well. So no, it’s not ‘woke nonsense’, having the rest of the hunters disbelieve her and tell her to just go home is an important part of the narrative.

Otherwise, there’s not a huge amount of complication to the story. Predator – still with tech, but less advanced than we’ve seen, so clearly they’re evolving, too – arrives on Earth to hunt, as they do, and this time fights Comanches and French trappers. There are a few nice little nods to the original, but mostly it’s just action mixed with the terror of being the hunted, for a change.

Worth a watch, in a great popcorn-munching fashion.

Prey movie posterReleased: 5th August 2022
Viewed: 5th August 2022
Running time: 99 minutes
Rated: 15

My rating: 7/10

3 thoughts on “Prey (2022)

  1. It’s as straightforward as the original, and I like the touch of having the slightly less sophisticated Predator going up against bows & arrows and muskets. 7/10 is a fair score to give it. 🙂

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