Cryptid Club – Sarah Andersen

I do love Sarah Andersen’s work, particularly Sarah’s Scribbles, but also the more recent branching out, such as FangsThis is another direction again, and I first stumbled across strips from the Cryptids on Instagram. Here we have a whole collection of the weird and wonderful!

So what exactly is a cryptid? The dictionary definition is: “an animal whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated, such as the yeti.”. Indeed, the yeti is featured here, along with Mothman, Nessie, generic ghosts and aliens, and other less familiar to me entities such as Slenderman and the Fresno Nightcrawlers (as shown on the cover).

All very much Halloween’y characters, but this is not a creepy book at all! Instead it’s a lovely, gentle humour, with these characters sharing e.g. a fear of cameras, or the loneliness of being an outsider. And then throwing the daftest of situations at them – my favourites probably being the way Mothman gets distracted by shiny lights, or the Nightcrawlers – walking legs, more or less, being just fabulous when discovering high heels 🙂

4 panel comic from book where the yeti tells a ghost that Mothman only appears before a disaster, before showing a girl about to cut her hair

The single ‘complaint’ (not really) I had about the book reading it is that I could have done with a brief explanation of some of the cryptids – and lo, exactly that is provided at the end! Wonderful 🙂

There’s no story, it’s not that kind of thing, but the casual grouping of the characters and humorous little vignettes from their existences works perfectly. It’s like sneaking a peek into a group chat for creatures, or random moments that show them to be misunderstood muppets.

Thoroughly recommended, it was a lot of fun in a gentle kind of a way. And a good reminder that we’ve maybe just misunderstood all of these ‘monsters’ all along 😉

4-panel example from comic, where a ghost asks some aliens about the cow abductions only to be told their leader thinks cows are cute

Cryptid Club book coverNetGalley eARC: 114 pages
First published: 20th September 2022
Series: none
Read from 24th-30th July 2022

My rating: 8/10

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