SciFi Month 2022: TBR

(banner artwork by the amazing Simon Fetscher)

First off, huge, HUGE congratulations to the folks at SciFiMonth on the occasion of this TENTH anniversary! How fabulous is that?! So of course I want to help celebrate with all things sci-fi, my (joint) favourite genre and topic of some of my favourite reads of all time.

You can read more about the whole shebang here.

First things first and it’s time to Set Course… (aka November’s very optimistic TBR!)

  • The First Sister – Linden Lewis

I was fortunate enough to get an ARC of the final instalment of this trilogy from NetGalley. Alas, two chapters in and I was feeling a little lost – curse my rubbish memory! With a slight pang of guilt (I’ll probably overshoot publication day), I decided to go back to the beginning for a reread. And already so glad that I did! I loved this book (reviewed here) and it’s already got me utterly gripped again on a second reading.

First Sister has no name and no voice. As a priestess of the Sisterhood, she travels the stars alongside the soldiers of Earth and Mars—the same ones who own the rights to her body and soul. When her former captain abandons her, First Sister’s hopes for freedom are dashed when she is forced to stay on her ship with no friends, no power, and a new captain…”

  • The Second Rebel – Linden Lewis

Yes, there’s a theme here 😉 Plan is to read the whole trilogy in succession, and why not?!

  • The Last Hero – Linden Lewis

Say no more, except how excited I am about being able to finish the whole brilliant story – and this time with a fresh memory of who’s who!

  • The Red Scholar’s Wake – Aliette de Boddard

Another amazing ARC I was thrilled to get my hands on. I haven’t read enough of the author’s work, I really haven’t, but everything I’ve tried so far as been so good. I have really high hopes for this one. Also: how gorgeous is the cover?!

red scholar's wake cover

When tech scavenger Xích Si is captured and imprisoned by the infamous pirates of the Red Banner, she expects to be tortured or killed. Instead, their leader, Rice Fish, makes Xích Si an utterly incredible proposition: an offer of marriage.
Both have their reasons for this arrangement: Xích Si needs protection; Rice Fish, a sentient spaceship, needs a technical expert to investigate the death of her first wife, the Red Scholar. That’s all there is to it.
But as the interstellar war against piracy rages on and their own investigation reaches a dire conclusion, the two of them discover that their arrangement has evolved into something much less business-focused and more personal…and tender. And maybe the best thing that’s ever happened to either of them—but only if they can find a way to survive together.”

  • Unconquerable Sun – Kate Elliott

This is a rather optimistic fifth book to get to this month, but here we are. “Gender-swapped Alexander the Great on an interstellar scale” – c’mon! The second volume, Furious Heaven, is due out next spring.

Unconquerable Sun cover

So, those are my plans, at least. Between life, NaNoWriMo, and everything else, let’s see how I get on!

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7 thoughts on “SciFi Month 2022: TBR

  1. Wow this is such a fun TBR coz it’s everything I either love or badly wanna read… I am so eager for The Last Hero too… and Aliette’s work is always exciting.. I haven’t read Kate Elliot before but I did buy this book and wanna try how it is..

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