Confess, Fletch (2022)

The last thing you expect – or want – to find in your luxury Air BnB is a dead body. But when I.M. ‘Fletch’ Fletcher (Jon Hamm) stumbles over a woman’s corpse, his investigative journalist skills kick in – not least to try and clear his own name after the police decide he’s the prime suspect.

The Fletch series started life as a series of books in the 1970s, ‘airport pulp’ types of things (I’m told) by author Gregory McDonald. Then in the 1980s the character gained new life and new fans after being portrayed by Chevy Chase in two movies. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill, so how does Jon Hamm do in the reboot?

Pretty well, I’d say. It’s a different take on the character, but I like it. He’s laid-back and insolent, not taking life too seriously even when accused of murder! The whole thing teeters on a knife edge of spoof, but not quite. It’s a little less frenetic than the 80s movies, but hey – that was (a worrying) 40 years ago, so good to have a bit of an update!

A lot of the humour comes from the supporting cast, all of whom seem to be having a great time. Marcia Gay Harden has quite a unique pronunciation for our hero’s name in her very suspicious Italian accent! Kyle McLachlan’s germophobe is a character for our times, and again he seems to be having illegal amounts of fun involving rave music!

The plot is one of these twisty, convoluted affairs that allows for a lot of nonsense as well as a satisfying enough mystery under it all. Like the lead, it’s got a laid-back kind of cleverness. While never reaching any great heights, it’s made a good job of rebooting a fun series that has never pretended to be anything else. Excellent low-key viewing, for when you want a bit of a chuckle and a relaxing kind of a murder mystery.

Confess Fletch posterReleased: 18th November 2022
Viewed: 14th October 2022
Running time: 98 minutes
Rated: 15

My rating: 7/10


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