Mount TBR

AKA ‘the insane reading stack’ 😀

I love reading, and I love books. I may have a problem with ‘acquiring’ them (bought, borrowed, requested for review) far quicker than I can read – although I’d rather just suggest I need to read more 😉

Every year the resolutions are the same: increase my NetGalley feedback ratio (I have never been near the fabled 80% – they just keep giving me books!!), while also reading more of the books I own. I definitely need to stop putting series down in the middle so that I’ve forgotten the first book and need a reread. And, review everything! 🙂


  • Infinity Gate (NetGalley eARC)
  • Just One Damned Thing After Another (audio)

Pending reviews:

  • Written
  • My Man Jeeves
  • Rivers of London: Body Work
  • Rivers of London: The Fey and the Furious
  • The Mimicking of Known Successes
  • Gothikana
  • Anne of Green Gables

Next up (possibly!):

  • A Midsummer Night’s Scheme
  • And Put Away Childish Things
  • The Cleaving
  • Unconquerable Sun / Furious Heaven
  • Dragonfall
  • March’s End
  • The Book That Wouldn’t Burn
  • Seven Mercies (NetGalley backlog)
  • Existence Augmented (NetGalley backlog)
  • Shadow and Bone (Grisha 1)
  • The Burning God
  • Circe
  • Babel

Partial series:

I’m terrible for starting new series then moving on – and forgetting what was in book 1 before I get around to remembering I have books 2, etc still to read. So, bit of a resolution: try to finish more series rather than abandoning them with better intentions!

  • The Poppy War (2/3, next book: The Burning God)
  • The Merchant Princes (4/6, next book: Revolution Trade (omnibus))
  • The Witcher (1/7, next book: Sword of Destiny)
  • Barsoom (1/11, next book: Gods of Mars)
  • Impossible Times (2/3, next book: Dispel Illusion) – might need a reread
  • Spellsinger (1/6, next book: Shadowblack)
  • The Immortals (1/4, next book: Wolf Speaker)
  • Rebel of the Sands (2/3, next book: A Hero at the Fall)
  • The Invisible Library (2/5, next book: The Burning Page)
  • The Great Library (2/5, next book: Ash and Quill)
  • The Dark is Rising (1/5, next book: Over Sea Under Stone (bk 1))
  • The Raven Cycle (1/4, next book: The Dream Thieves) – might need a reread
  • Realms of the Elderlings (10/16, next book: Dragon Haven)
  • Shades of Magic (2/3, next book: A Conjuring of Light) – might need a reread
  • Old Kingdom (3/5, next book: Clariel)
  • Serpentwar (2/4, next book: Rage of a Demon King)
  • Foreworld Saga (2/5, next book: Mongoliad book 3) – might need a reread
  • Bourbon Kid (2/4, next book: The Devil’s Graveyard)
  • Nikki Heat (2/7, next book: Heat Rises)
  • The Magicians (2/3, next book: The Magician King) – might need a reread
  • The Dresden Files (15/19, next book: Peace Talks) – need and fancy a reread anyway
  • Anne of Green Gables (1/9, next book: Anne of Avonlea)

Not yet available:

  • Saint of Steel – T Kingfisher, book 4 tk
  • The Drowning Empire trilogy – Andrea Steward, book 3 tk
  • The Wolf Den trilogy – Elodie Harper, book 3 tk
  • The Dark Gods – Tara Sim, books 2-3 tk