Mount TBR

AKA ‘the insane reading stack’ 😀

Read one book/series at a time?! Pfft, dull! 😉

At any given time I will generally have at least three books on the go: something on my kindle, something in physical copy (not least for bath reading!), and a non-fiction (or three) – plus (as the lists below show) things I just generally put down and have yet to get back to but dagnamit I will finish o_O And then there’s the ever-growing NetGalley stack…!

Anyway, currently I am at least part-way through the following:


  • A Time of Dread (NetGalley eARC)
  • The Prefect (aka Aurora Rising) (PB)
  • Fahrenheit 451 (kindle)
  • Bonfire (NetGalley eARC)
  • Urban Enemies (NetGalley eARC)

Pending reviews:

  • The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year vol.11
  • The Last King of Lydia
  • Summer in Orcus
  • BladeRunner 4: Eye and Talon

Next up (possibly!):

  • Elysium Fire – Alastair Reynolds (PB/Kindle)
  • The Library at Mount Char – Scott Hawkins
  • Ash and Quill – Rachel Caine
  • The Dream Thieves – Maggie Stiefvater
  • The Hanging Tree – Ben Aaronovitch

Partial series:

I’m terrible for starting new series then moving on – and forgetting what was in book 1 before I get around to remembering I have books 2, etc still to read. So, bit of a resolution: try to finish more series rather than abandoning them with better intentions!

  • The Dark is Rising (1/5, next book: Over Sea Under Stone (bk 1) or Greenwitch)
  • The Raven Cycle (1/4, next book: The Dream Thieves)
  • Realms of the Elderlings (10/16, next book: Dragon Haven)
  • Shades of Magic (2/3, next book: A Conjuring of Light)
  • The Invisible Library (2/3, next book: The Burning Page)
  • The Great Library (2/3 (so far), next book: Ash and Quill)
  • Red Rising (1/3, next book: Golden Son)
  • PC Peter Grant (5/6, next book: The Hanging Tree)
  • Old Kingdom (3/5, next book: Clariel)
  • Serpentwar (2/4, next book: Rage of a Demon King)
  • Interworld (1/3, next book: The Silver Dream)
  • Mortal Instruments (3/6, next book: City of Fallen Angels)
  • Foreworld Saga (2/5, next book: Mongoliad book 3)
  • Bourbon Kid (2/4, next book: The Devil’s Graveyard)
  • Alderley (2/3, next book: Boneland)
  • Johnny Maxwell (1/3, next book: Johnny and the Dead)
  • Nikki Heat (2/7, next book: Heat Rises)
  • Artemis Fowl (5/8, next book: The Time Paradox)
  • Saga of the Trillium (1/5, next book: Blood Trillium)
  • You Space (1/4 (library), next book: When It’s a Jar)
  • The Merchant Princes (2/6, next book: Traders’ War (omnibus))
  • Rebel of the Sands (2/3, next book due in 2018)
  • The Interdependency (Collapsing Empire) (1/?, next book due 2019)
  • The Magicians (1/3, next book: The Magician King)