The Cliff House – Chris Brookmyre

The Cliff House book cover

"They had been on the island less than five hours and already the whole thing was falling apart." A group of women head to a remote Scottish island for a lavish hen do. But when someone turns up dead, the question of 'who dunnit' only stirs up the secrets surrounding each of them. Jen's friends include … Continue reading The Cliff House – Chris Brookmyre

Lioness Rampant – Tamora Pierce

Lioness Rampant book cover

"On a March afternoon a knight and a man-at-arms reached the gate of the Marenite city of Berat." My childhood love of the first book in the Song of the Lioness quartet, Alanna, failed to continue with either adulthood or the series, and alas we don't finish any better. Or any worse, so there is that. Alanna, always getting … Continue reading Lioness Rampant – Tamora Pierce