Infinity Gate – MR Carey

Infinity Gate cover

"They say that children born in wartime are likely to have problems throughout their lives; to struggle both with the uncertainties of the world and with their own emotions and to search in vain for happiness." With the Earth on the brink of environmental collapse, the billionaires of the world pool resources to fund any scientific … Continue reading Infinity Gate – MR Carey

And Put Away Childish Things – Adrian Tchaikovsky

And Put Away Childish Things cover

"It is said that, long ago, there were many ways into the land of Underhill, but one by one they fell away." Felix 'Harry' Bodie is a children's TV presenter who thinks he can boost his fading career by going on one of those shows that digs into your family tree. His grandmother wrote a … Continue reading And Put Away Childish Things – Adrian Tchaikovsky

Deadly Ever After – Ben Aaronovitch

Deadly Ever After cover

When two of the river goddess Mama Thames' daughters, teenage twins Olympia and Chelsea, somewhat accidentally break a centuries-old enchantment, stories from a Victorian book of fairy tales start to seep out into the modern world with strange and potentially deadly consequences. The story that follows features only a cameo appearance from series main characters, … Continue reading Deadly Ever After – Ben Aaronovitch