Falcon and the Winter Soldier (season 1)

Poster for Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The best thing about the new MCU tv shows is the chance they give fans to see a continuation of the story from the movies, the so-called Infinity Saga. WandaVision was a very personal look at how Wanda Maximoff coped with the trauma she'd been through, and Loki will pick up (at least) one dangling plot thread from Endgame. … Continue reading Falcon and the Winter Soldier (season 1)

Jupiter’s Legacy (season 1)

jupiter's legacy poster

There's nothing like a studio/company cancelling a new show when you're halfway through watching it - cheers for that, Netflix. But, was it deserved or should it be offered a reprieve? Jupiter's Legacy is split between two timelines. In the 'now', we have a modern world where superheroes are real and have been for 90 … Continue reading Jupiter’s Legacy (season 1)