The Last Graduate – Naomi Novik

a deadly education cover

"Keep far away from Orion Lake." Welcome back to the Scholomance, the school that makes Hogwarts look like day care and the most brutal prison seem palatable in comparison. Four years without real daylight, proper food, or any supplies you didn't bring with you at the start. Sure, there are no teachers, but the classes … Continue reading The Last Graduate – Naomi Novik

The Second Rebel – Linden A Lewis

book cover for The Second Rebel

"I can't move in my coffin." The First Sister didn't end on a cliff-hanger per se but it left plenty of story to be told and so I was absolutely delighted to be able to dive straight in with the sequel. And my absolutely only complaint about it is that I will have to wait to … Continue reading The Second Rebel – Linden A Lewis