Dual (2022)

Dual movie poster

After the news that she has a rare and terminal health condition, Sarah (Karen Gillan) allows a salesman to talk her into being cloned, to 'save her love ones from pain'. The clone (also Gillan) will spend Sarah's last few months with her, learning to duplicate her in every way - or so goes the … Continue reading Dual (2022)

Wisdom for Living – Reynold Ruslan Feldman

wisdom for living book cover

"Dear Reader, Do you know how wise you are?" This book is a collection of short 'pearls of wisdom', quotes from all manner of people - religious figures, politicians, sportspeople, and more - with a brief 'thought of the day' or mini-essay by the author after each. You are encouraged to start a 'Wisdom Journal', … Continue reading Wisdom for Living – Reynold Ruslan Feldman

2067 (2020)

2067 movie poster

If you're going to watch a movie with an extinction threat in this cursed year, it has to have something other than a virus threatening humankind. In 2067, it's the loss of all plant life on Earth. 'Fake' oxygen now has to be provided for survival, but illnesses that stop even that working are rife. … Continue reading 2067 (2020)