The Glitter End – Vivian Conroy

The Glitter End book cover

"'Watch out for the top of the door!'" We first met Delta Douglas back in Last Pen Standing, when she moved to a sleepy former Gold Rush town to open a craft supplies shop with her best friend. We rejoin them, two murders later (!), as the tourist town of Tundish hits the slow autumn/winter season. … Continue reading The Glitter End – Vivian Conroy

Chaos Walking (2021)

chaos walking poster

Todd Hewitt (Tom Holland) is the youngest resident of a town full of men, and we're told early on that all the women were killed by the native, alien species of the planet they have tried to colonise, so he may well be the last. The real strangeness of this world, though, is that everyone's … Continue reading Chaos Walking (2021)

Little Bookshop of Murder – Maggie Blackburn

little bookshop of murder cover

"Summer Merriweather slipped off her flip-flops, allowing the sand's warmth to comfort the bottom of her feet like it had thousands of times before." I'm a sucker for stories about books and bookshops, and there's something lovely about a good cosy mystery when you need some non-mentally-taxing reading. Alas, while not dreadful by any means, … Continue reading Little Bookshop of Murder – Maggie Blackburn

Mulan (2020)

mulan poster

The latest in the Disney live action (or not so much, with some of them) remakes continues with no little controversy. I can't really comment much on the cultural issues, or the lead actress's political comments. But yeah, asking £20 over and above the subscription fee for the platform it's showing on - meh. But, … Continue reading Mulan (2020)

Guns Akimbo (2019)

guns akimbo poster

Internet troll Miles (Daniel Radcliffe) messes with the wrong organisation when he prods the beast that is Skizm, a 'game' that pits strangers against each other in on-street, very real combat, while online spectators cheer for their favourites. Deciding to take revenge in their own unique way, Miles is kidnapped and wakes with guns bolted … Continue reading Guns Akimbo (2019)