The Tomorrow War (2021)

tomorrow war poster

Dan Forester (Chris Pratt) is not living his best life when, to the world's shock, soldiers from the future arrive with a dire message. In thirty years, humankind will be on the verge of losing a war against alien invaders. Their only hope is for people from now to travel forward and help the fight. … Continue reading The Tomorrow War (2021)

Reserved for Murder – Victoria Gilbert

reserved for murder cover

"When your neighbor is a retired spy, it's easy to imagine innumerable dangers haunting the house next door." We first met Charlotte Reid, owner of the book-themed Chapters Bed and Breakfast, in Booked for Death. Now she's back, hosting a famous author on her new book tour. But when the president of her fan club is found … Continue reading Reserved for Murder – Victoria Gilbert

Godmothered (2020)

godmothered movie poster

I have a very low tolerance for cheesy Christmas movies, and yet there's still room for something a bit festive. Would Godmothered be able to walk that tightrope? The Motherland, home to all fairy godmothers and those in training, isn't doing so well. There hasn't been an active godmothering in decades. Young Eleanor (Jillian Bell) is … Continue reading Godmothered (2020)