Upgrade – Blake Crouch

Upgrade book cover

"You can stop splitting the atom; you can stop visiting the Moon; you can stop using aerosols; you may even decide not to kill entire populations by the use of a few bombs." In the not-too-distant future, gene editing techniques have been perfected. But while most have only good intentions, sometimes they can go wrong … Continue reading Upgrade – Blake Crouch

Momenticon – Andrew Caldecott

Momenticon book cover

"Dead centre on the Biedermeier table below Monet's lilies lay a largish white pill stamped with a pink sickle moon and an amber star." Fogg is a museum curator, watching over mankind's greatest artefacts. He also has a photographic memory and can draw any painting he's ever seen before. What he doesn't have is any … Continue reading Momenticon – Andrew Caldecott

Alien 3: The Lost Screenplay – Pat Cadigan & William Gibson

alien 3 cover

"Homo sapiens had been gazing up at the stars for about three hundred millennia before they finally managed to launch themselves off the planet of their origin toward those countless points of light." After the success of the first two Alien movies, the early nineties tried to replicate the success by continuing the franchise. We'd left Ripley escaping … Continue reading Alien 3: The Lost Screenplay – Pat Cadigan & William Gibson