Plan a Happy Life – Stephanie Fleming

plan a happy life cover

"Stop asking for permission to be happy. Create your own happiness!" Tagline: "Define your passion, nurture your creativity, and take hold of your dreams." Stephanie Fleming is half of the family team behind a 'Happy Planner', Me and My Big Ideas (Mambi), and this book is - as well as a little tiny bit of … Continue reading Plan a Happy Life – Stephanie Fleming

Stowaway (2021)

stowaway poster

Imagine the years of training required to be fit mentally and physically for the 2 year journey to Mars, and the pride of being one of the chosen few deemed the best of the best. Zoe (Anna Kendrick) and David (Daniel Dae Kim) are the two scientists sent on the mission with commander Marina Barnett … Continue reading Stowaway (2021)

Godmothered (2020)

godmothered movie poster

I have a very low tolerance for cheesy Christmas movies, and yet there's still room for something a bit festive. Would Godmothered be able to walk that tightrope? The Motherland, home to all fairy godmothers and those in training, isn't doing so well. There hasn't been an active godmothering in decades. Young Eleanor (Jillian Bell) is … Continue reading Godmothered (2020)