A Midsummer Night’s Scheme – Harper Kincaid

A Midsummer Night's Scheme cover

"When a gal's treasured childhood home of Vienna, Virginia, has two murders in six months, it makes her realise there really is no place like home - and maybe that's no longer a good thing." We first met Quinn Caine in To Kill a Mocking Girl, as she returns to her home town to work as … Continue reading A Midsummer Night’s Scheme – Harper Kincaid

Gothikana – RuNyx

Gothikana cover

"There was nothing scarier than a blind old woman with whites for eyes suddenly gripping your arm under a full moon night." What else to review on Valentines Day, than a romance? A dark, overly sexed-up, gothic romance, of course! 😉 Corvina Clemm has led a sheltered life, mostly alone with her mother and the … Continue reading Gothikana – RuNyx

Elvis (2022)

Elvis movie poster

Elvis Presley. The 'King' of rock and roll. A very deserved soubriquet, he had talent and looks - and a tragic story. Definitely ripe for a huge blockbuster movie! My interest in this film was admittedly a little more Baz Luhrmann than the King himself; Elvis was before my time, really. But you can't argue … Continue reading Elvis (2022)