Word for Word – Laurie Lisle

Word for Word cover

"This is a memoir about living a writing life - wanting to be a writer, becoming a writer, and being a writer - as acts of self-expression, self-assertion, and womanly survival." If I'm honest - and I usually am ūüėČ - I have very little idea of who Laurie Lisle is, which may not seem … Continue reading Word for Word – Laurie Lisle

The Fabelmans (2022)

Fabelmans poster

Meet the Fabelmans - a slightly sanitised, rose-tinted-glasses version of director Steven Spielberg's family and young life. We start with young Sammy encountering the spectacle of the cinema for the first time, and watch it develop into an obsession - largely sparked by a need for control over nightmares. The movie will show young Stev- … Continue reading The Fabelmans (2022)

Deadly Ever After – Ben Aaronovitch

Deadly Ever After cover

When two of the river goddess Mama Thames' daughters, teenage twins Olympia and Chelsea, somewhat accidentally break a centuries-old enchantment, stories from a Victorian book of fairy tales start to seep out into the modern world with strange and potentially deadly consequences. The story that follows features only a cameo appearance from series main characters, … Continue reading Deadly Ever After – Ben Aaronovitch

The Better Habits Workbook – Stephanie Sorady Arias

better habits workbook cover

"Exercises for getting unstuck, changing your behaviour, and reaching your goals." Another week, another self help book? 'fraid so! Why do I do this to myself? Well, mainly because I live in hope that somewhere out there is a book that'll help me figure it all out. No, it probably doesn't exist! In the meantime, … Continue reading The Better Habits Workbook – Stephanie Sorady Arias